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    Mauvais sang (Leos Carax, 1986)

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  2. I Don’t Want to Play House, 1979, Daniel Johnston

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    The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

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    Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End


  6. So Frank was just aight. But Michael Fassbender as Frank was just the bee’s knees. 

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    "In all of my years in the medical profession never have I encountered such a morally bankrupt group of people."

    Female Trouble (1974, John Waters)

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    Teens having a party.

    Briarcliff, NY c.1956 © Yale Joel

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  9. Holy Motors, dir. Leos Carax

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  10. We must never forget this is only a play.

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  11. Lea Seydoux for ASOS Magazine, 2012

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    "Everybody said, ‘Oh you must’ve been on drugs when you made those movies.’ No! We weren’t on drugs when we made them. I was on on drugs when I thought them up and I was on drugs when we showed them, but I was never on drugs when we made them, because it was too hard.” 

    - John Waters

    Waters’ new book is called Carsick. It chronicles his hitchhiking journey across the country. 

    Photo by Richard Burbridge, 2008 

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  13. oystergirlrhymes:

    This semester I went to the White Privilege Conference in Madison, WI for my honors seminar about examining privilege. I made a poster about the behaviors of particular white female musicians who appropriate other cultures as a means of identity and sexualize/objectify WOC as a means of displaying sexual agency and social power. All under the guise of “empowerment”.

    This is my take on the knowledge I found through seminar and readings, (esp. online articles) so in no way do I claim these ideas or concepts as my own.

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    Sabine Azéma in “Mélo”


  15. Film School